Tropics Magazine Interview With Fashion Designer Luna Sky

Luna Sky is a London based designer which aims to create a beautiful lifestyle for modern elegant women. Luna specializes in ethereal and elegant evening wear. Her design aesthetic is known for its La Vita Bella theme, feminine and soft silhouette as well as exquisite embellishment. The girls she dresses for are as soft and beautiful as the Spring flower, yet they embrace feminine independence and know what they are looking for in the way of fashion.


Tropics Magazine- Hello Luna Sky how are you?

Luna: I am very well, thank you. How are you?

TM- Who is Luna Sky? (feel free to introduce yourself as you wish the audience to know you, as this is what pushes the audience to be interested in reading your feature)

Luna: I am a fashion designer who aims to create a beautiful life style for modern elegant women. I specialise in ethereal elegant evening wear and extravagant red carpet pieces.

TM- What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

Luna: I grew up from a family with strong roots in fashion. My grandmother was a fashion designer and my first teacher in fashion. I always have great love and passion for fashion since I was a little girl. I like to create beautiful garments and make girls look like princesses.

TM- I admired your collection at the Fashions Finest London fashion Week Off-Schedule show, at The Westbury Hotel, what inspired that beautiful collection?

Luna: The collection was inspired by the sophisticated life style in the 1950’s, fused with my love for ‘Sakura ‘ – the Japanese cherry blossom;  the Spring Summer 2013 collection features sensational gowns and beautiful  cocktail dresses with exquisite laser cut flowers,  Swarovski  crystal, sequin, lace and fringe detailing.

TM- I could see the material you used for this collection is soft and the colours were all not too shiny. What inspires your choice of colour palettes when you decide to release a collection? (you can talk about your fabric choice, how you work with fabric manufacturers etc)

Luna:  When I create a collection, I usually experiment the palette and choose the fabric based on the theme and silhouettes. For the SS2013 collection which is 1950’s inspired, the silhouette is feminine and the colour is soft and romantic. I used silk chiffon, lace and tulle to create the refined pieces throughout in pastel tones such as pale blue, lemon yellow, light aqua, teal and lilac.

TM- Did you give a particular name to this collection and why?

Luna: The name of the collection is –Sakura, Most of the fabric and embellishment are created based on Sakura-The Japanese Cherry Blossom. Despite as soft and beautiful as the delicate ‘Sakura’ petals, the collection accentuates the sophisticated elegance of modern women, embracing feminine independence and inner strength.

TM- By the way, why Luna Sky as a brand? Anything special behind the brand’s name?

Luna: Luna Sky is my name. Luna means moon in many languages, so I thought LunaSky would be a brand name that is easy for people to remember.

TM- Can you tell us a bit about your team?

Luna: As a young designer label,  we have a very small team at the moment and each person is multitasked.  I feel very blessed that we have such a lovely and helpful team.  Julia is dealing with finance management, marketing and PR. I am in charge of design, production management and sales presentation as well as fashion shows. Connie is our supply chain management and shipping coordinator,  yet Vera is our buyer handling fabric and trimming sourcing. Agnes has been helping with surface decoration, sales presentation and fashion shows.


TM- We know there are challenges to overcome to get where you are today in the industry. Would you mind sharing some of your challenging experiences with our audience?

Luna: Well fashion probably is the toughest industry to crack. It means lots of hard work, dedication and long hours.  Perhaps the most challenging experiences for me so for  is to develop new stockists.  Since I specialise in high end elegant evening wear, the market is very niched and tiny. It is not easy to come up with a boutique that is suitable to stock my garments.  Also at this economic downturn, all the boutique buyers are very hesitant to place orders even they like your designs very much and think they are truly beautiful. You have to be very persistent and try to offer incentives to the new buyers to try and sell your garments in their boutiques. Once you  prove  that you are a designer who can bring them an attractive offerings which make their clients look beautiful and pump up their profitability at the same time. They will be very happy to establish a long term relationship with you.

TM- Do you think fashion designers should organise shows on their own, or is it preferable to let specialised events’ organisers take the lead in this side of the business?

Luna: It depends.  For big fashion houses, personally I think it is good that they organise the shows on their own so that they can make sure that everything is exactly what they like. Yet for small fashion labels that are lack of expertise or hands, I would suggest to hire a professional event organiser. However you have to make sure that you work with a good organiser who can listen to you, understand your needs and are prepared to go extra mile to organise a fantastic show.

TM-Apart from fashion designing what other activities are you involved in, in the community? (are you involved in any social cause/ plight, do you offer your skills somewhere out of your normal area of work to help build other people’s strength?)

Luna: I used to work as a volunteer social worker for a while, I worked with rebellious teens. It was a very rewarding experience but I was getting too busy with school and building my label at the same time so I had to stop.

TM- A piece of advice for those interested in becoming iconic fashion designers?

Luna: I guess as a young designer, I am not in a situation to give advice. Yet I would say follow your heart, follow your dream and follow your design instincts, instead of the trend!

TM- How can potential customers get in touch with you?

Luna: Potential customers are welcome to get in touch with us through email, Facebook or twitter as below:

TM: Thank you for your time and Tropics Magazine Team is proud to have you gracing the pages of our Magazine. We look forward to working with you again in future.




Twitter: @LunaSky6

Official Website:  to view the designer’s latest collections or make an appointment to review the collections in their London showroom.


Questions conceived and written by Valerie Sosso Moukouelle

(Tropics Magazine Editor – London, United Kingdom)


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