VENICIA GUINOT  –  Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Venicia-GuinotVénicia Guinot is certainly one of those young inspiring media personalities from Africa who started their companies with next to nothing. Started from scratch with the single wish of keeping her late father (Marcel Bavouéza-Guinot) legacy alive, she has, since 2009, worked hard to be recognized as a Multimedia Journalist holding the titles of Publisher, Media Entrepreneur, Executive Producer, Radio Host and Blogger. Guinot boasts a formidable career that has seen her become one of the most influential figures of Africa.

Guinot began her career in publishing in 2009 as a South Africa’s based Correspondent for various publications such as Amina Magazine in France, Ventures Africa in Nigeria, Folk Magazine in Norway, Cuisine Noir in the U.S etc., and at the same time, working towards launching her own magazine. The daughter of a late renowned Congolese Humanitarian, Julienne Mankassa, who worked for the United Nations (UNESCO, UNICEF, FAO, PAM and PNUD) for more than fourteen years. Guinot has spent a part of her formative years in Brazzaville, Congo during her undergraduate years and as a scholarship recipient of the Winrock International Scholarship for Girls initiated by the ex-President Bill Clinton before moving to South Africa at the age of 17 on her own.

Guinot leadership style is primarily visionary and consistent with her entrepreneurial background. Currently, she serves as the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of TROPICS Magazine, the first bilingual magazine from Africa published in both English and French. She oversees the publication and also holds all its worldwide licenses.




SUPERMODEL DJI DIENG  –  Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Dji-DiengFashion specialists all over the Globe consider Dji Dieng – the LUNA NEGRA – as being among the most beautiful black mannequins, and they underline her astonishing, electrifying presence, and her smile flavoured with an extraordinary Aura. Specialists from agencies and designers measured the longest legs of the actual fashion world.

Dji is at home on Catwalks from Paris to Milan, Copenhagen to London, Vienna to Cape Town, America to Asia and other Fashion Centers around the World, performing for the most important Fashion Creators, Haute-Couturiers and Prêt-à-Porter Designers as for Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Hermès, Carven, Vivienne Westwood, Diane Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, Valentino, Trash-Couture, Eymeric François, Dupré SantaBarbara, Maurizio Galante, Torrente, DIESEL, NAF NAF, Missoni, Ji Haye, Jean-Luc Amsler, Alphadi, Munthe plus Simonsen, H&M, NOKIA Fashionweek, Max&Co and many more, and all of them have been amazed by her astonishing and electrifying presence and friendlyness.

Dji – the LUNA NEGRA – has been chosen as “Ambassadress” by Companies and Marketing agencies for publicity campaigns as “Coca-Cola Light”, “Clarins Cosmetiques”, “J&B Whisky”, “FIAT World Headquarters – Alfa Romeo Brera World Premiere”, “Make-Up Forever”, “M.A.C.”, “Vivienne Westwood”, “Old Mutual Bank”, “Swarovski Breast Cancer Charity Night”, “Dolce&Gabbana”, “CCR”, “Sri Lanka Tourist Board” and many others.

She performed for TV Commercials: “J&B Whisky” and “Coca-Cola Light”, and publicity for other companies as Banks, etc.. Many TV Stations have interviewed her and broadcasted her performances all over the world: Euronews, France2, VOX, TSR, Canale 4 Italy, ORF, Moscow TV, VIP TV, PULS TV, Fashion TV, Japanese TV, SF DRS1, SAT1, ARD, N-TV, South African TVs, BBC, Sri Lankan TV, etc. just to name a few.

Dji was born at Thies, Senegal, past her childhood partly in Dakar, as well as in Paris, where she is resident. She lived further in Italy and the United States of America, and Dji speaks 5 languages.





Valerie-SossoMoukouelleValerie Sosso Moukouelle cumulatively shoulders the responsibilities of Editorial Director and Executive Director at Tropics Magazine and Tropics Media Group respectively.

She joined Tropics Magazine in 2011, as UK London based correspondent.  In July 2012 she was promoted to Editor, where she had to oversee strategic methods to developing the aims and visions of Tropics Magazine. Having studied for some undergraduate courses in Journalism and Mass Communication,  she has now decided to further her studies in Operations Management and IT Systems.

Early this year, she was appointed Tropics Magazine Editorial Director,  a role she embraces proudly, and looks forward to tackling the challenges adequately.

Valerie is mum of a 4 year-old boy named Jayden. She is bringing on board her expertise in managing staff and business resources to deliver results at all times.  She is very keen on reputation and excellent service delivery. Above all, she is a devoted volunteer who has gained tremendous experience in business operations management, by working for charities at local,  national and international levels.




KARINE LINORD  –  Editor (International Francophone Zone)

Karine-LinordKarine Linord est au départ une journaliste de télévision et de radio passionnée de culture francophone aussi bien de littérature, de musique, de cinéma et de mode.

Elle est basée en Martinique ou elle produit une émission de mode pour France Télévision. Revaloriser la beauté noire et métissée en tant en coiffure, en maquillage et dans les métiers de la mode, est pour elle, un challenge qui permettra de se réapproprier notre univers esthétique trop longtemps négliger et ignorer.

Beaucoup de voyage à l’étranger, Canada, Etats unis, Caraïbes et la France bien évidemment où elle y séjourne plusieurs mois dans l’année, lui ont permis de s’intéresser aux rapports de complexes entre la France et les pays Francophones, où s’est développé une culture particulière, curieuse et fascinante à la fois.




MARCELLE JOSELYA  –  Correspondent (Beauty, Fashion & Entertainment Editor  –  International)

Marcelle-JoselyaMarcelle Joselya is a very passionate fashion, beauty and entertainment editor, celebrity style expert and a blogger/founder of “Be On The Ball With Marcelle”.

Currently, she is working side by side with Tropics Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and is responsible of the Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment columns.

Passionate about celebrity style, head-turning fashion trends and standout beauty products, Marcelle is excited t be a part of the team, and to cover countless seasons of fashion weeks around the world and has tested almost every beauty product on the market.

She especially loves to share her enthusiasm for the industry on-camera.




NURDAN DUZGUN  –  Correspondent (Culture & Lifestyle Editor – Europe)

10003540_10152278283269060_1137128489_n (1)Nurdan joined the Tropic’s Magazine team in 2012 as a  Culture & Lifestyle Editor. She has been living in Eskişehir for 6 years now.

She has a Bachelor’s degree from the department of Statistics and currently, she is a post-graduate student waiting to complete her Masters Degree from the department of Industrial Engineering.  Nurdan is interested has a passion for travelling, arts, sports, literature, languages, futurism, cooking…

Nurdan hopes to serve her society in the future her and she cannot wait to finish her studies and start practicing her dream career. For these reasons, she keeps learning about other fields and improve her skills.




SRIMAL FERNANDO  – Correspondent (Business, Culture and Lifestyle Editor – South Asia)

Srimal-FernandoProfessionally, Srimal Fernando is a Colombo based International Affairs expert and Editor working for a reputed publication. His extensive travelling in South Asia, East Asia and in Australasian countries has given him a good exposure to understand various positive and negative socio, economic and political issues in the world. As an international Journalist he has published many in-depth researched feature articles to several internationally reputed newspapers and has created greater awareness on socio-economic dividends that is happening in Asia.

In addition he has been a moderator and a talk show host for several local and international forums. Academically his main focus was on political science, sociology, economics and diplomacy. He strives to work for the betterment of the under-privileged in the developing countries and want to see his country moving towards reconciliation whilst securing the rights of all citizens in a united constitutional frame work .His articles on international affairs, socio–economics, culture, travel, regional development and interviews with ministers, ambassadors and other relevant stakeholders had appeared in many internationally reputed print media publications. As a passionate Journalist and as a recognized international travel photographer he has received tremendous appreciations from different Heads of States, Ministers and Ambassadors.

In the recent past he has been working hard to give prominence to diverse cultures ,arts and life styles in Asia and in Africa.Coming from a background of being a, International Journalist, he brings a wealth of experiences to the South African based Tropics Magazine.




LEONORA HENRY  –  Correspondent (Chronicles & Culture Editor – Africa & Europe)

Leonora-HenryLéonora joined the Tropic’s Magazine team in 2012 as a Redactor of « Les Chroniques de Léo » column. She’s based in France since 8 years.

She obtained a Master II degree in International Marketing, Communication and Publicity from the ESC Rennes School Of Business in 2010. Since her graduation, she has worked as PR consultant in several agencies, in charge of IT B2B & B2C clients as : BlackBerry, Energizer, Caterpillar (CatPhones), Kaspersky Lab, Monster, etc.

Leonora is a native of Congo (Brazzaville) and has lived in several cities around the world : Casablanca (Morocco), Malaga & Barcelona (Spain), Rennes & Paris (France).




REY ARLIN ANDERSON  –  Correspondent  (Technology, Automobile & Lifestyle Reviews – South Africa)

Rey-AndersonAs the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Rey Anderson is responsible for managing all hands-on operational aspects of the company.

Through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by the objectives of company, Rey provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Moreover, Rey is the writer of the Technology, Automobile & Lifestyle columns. He also assists the company in the aggressive and successful growth of the company.




WANDA NICOT  –  Correspondent (Fashion, Arts & Culture Editor – Europe)

Wanda-NicotWanda Nicot has served as a professional Journalist for more than three decades. At Tropics Magazine, she serves as the Fashion Journalist, and Culture.

The French-based television personality based is the anchor of various cultural TV shows on Parisian channels such as OM5TV and BMODETV, to name but a few, where she has interviewed the intellectuals, the most important personalities from Africa and the Caribbean and getting breaking fashion scoop as well as fashion tips, arts, books and all things pop culture.

Prior to joining the Tropics Magazine’s team, Wanda worked for various international media houses. As a Media student from the CNFDI (Centre National Privé de Formation à Distance) and a professional Dancer from the Alvin Ailey School in New York, Wanda will nots top to amaze us.




DES RICHARDS  –  Correspondent (Fashion Photographer & Reporter – United Kingdom)

Des-RichardsIn his own words, Des Richards thinks that his passion for photography started at an early age. Probably when he was around 7 or 8 and living in Nottingham the city where he was born.
“My father who was an amateur photographer would ask my mother and I to model in front of the camera. This was perfect because my mother was a dressmaker and she always had some new design she wanted to show off.  I quickly merged the two together and thus my love of fashion photography was born. Years later I attended a  photography college and I also worked in front of the camera as the manager. My style of photography is to create art and to tell a story in every picture.”
Currently Des Richards works as a freelance Photographer. He is involved in shooting Model and Designers portfolios, Look-books, Events coverage and Weddings. Des Richards is also  a regular on London runway scenes and he is a regular attendant at `London Fashion Week.  






ANDRE BERGERON  –  Correspondent  (Fashion Photographer & Reporter – Canada)



ROY ANTHONY MORRISON  –  Correspondent  (Fashion Photographer & Reporter – New York, USA)



















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