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New Music: Ladysmith and Salif Keita Release Anti-Xenophobia Song

Two of Africa’s most famous musicians have released a song against the recent violence against foreigners in South Africa. The song “United We Stand” brings together Ladysmith Black Mambazo from South Africa and Malian singer Salif Keita.


Lyrics include the line “Africa is our home, make it a better place”.

At least seven people have died over a month of attacks on foreigners and foreign-owned property in South Africa.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo singer Sibongiseni Shabalala told the BBC he was trying to send the message that “Africa is for all of us”.

“You can’t say you don’t like the foreigners to stay in your country. This is not your country, this is our country.

“We are saying people should unite. If there’s problems, people should sit down and talk.

“One day your child will want to go and live in Mali, Nigeria or Ghana but because of your decision today it will be very difficult for your future generation to be able to do the same.”

The song is playing on South African radio from Friday, will be premiered on TV on Friday evening and will be released on iTunes on Monday.

Source: BBC

Culture: Kassav et des artistes sud-africains s’unissent contre la xénophobie

Des artistes sud-africains s’associeront au groupe de zouk Kassav’ lors de leur concert contre la xénophobie le 26 avril 2015 au Bassline de Newtown à 21h30.


En réaction aux récentes attaques xénophobes en Afrique du Sud, des musiciens locaux manifesteront leur solidarité aux victimes en se joignant au groupe français Kassav’, qui interprétera One Love de Bob Marley.

Il s’agira de leur première performance en Afrique du sud, à la veille du Freedom Day national.

Provenant de la Martinique et de la Guadeloupe, Kassav a su créer un son singulier, comportant à la fois des éléments de musique créole et de fanfare caribéenne, teintées de rock, de musique africaine et de pop.

Les membres de ce groupe, le bassiste Georges Décimus, les chanteurs Jocelyn Beroard and Jean-Philippe Marthely, le pianiste Jean-Claude Naimro, le guitariste Jacob Desvarieux, ont enchanté les mélomanes à travers le monde.

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Détails de l’évènement :

Tarif  : 200 R pour les réservations en ligne / 250 R pour l’achat au guichet
Reservation :
Emplacement : The Bassline, Newtown, Johannesburg

Pour en savoir plus sur Kassav’ :

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Nancy G., the Voice of South Africa & Swaziland

Nancy G brings human warmth woven into her unique sound. Her ability to find fertile ground for moving music in a variety of settings that obliterate genre distinctions, her music offers a much-needed statement of social optimism. Her profound grasp of lyrical content and deeper thought instinctively absorbs her body of work.

Nancy G has performed on international stages in Hungary (Sziget), Germany, UK (Glastonbury), the Swaziland Bush Fire Festival and Lagos (Nigeria) at the Felabration. In South Africa in 2011, Nancy G went on tour with her band The Human Family courtesy of Alliance Francais and played throughout the SADC region – the countries she toured included South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Nancy G also performed at the Guess Fashion Show 2012 , the Bush Fire Festival Arts festival in her home country Swaziland , the Joy of Jazz Festival and PSL awards on May 2012.

2012 Nancy G UJFM Power circle road show, where she performed across the four campuses to an estimated audience of 50 000 registered University Of Johannesburg students. She was also part of the 2012 Mandela Day celebrations on the South African National Broadcaster’s Campaign on SABC 3, which broadcasts to an estimated 19 million audience across South Africa.

Nancy G’s formulation of the valence of self-awareness and knowledge versus that of instinct is how much of a twist this lends to her compositions.

“What I don’t want to do is get up on a ladder and hit the top. I want it to be within my body experience. I want to be in contact with my soul and the work. ”says Nancy G

She moved to Johannesburg to pursue her creative, artistic, and studio recordings.

after the successful release of her debut single Nancy and the support is gained from National radio station Radio 2000 as well as BBC Radio Nancys perspectives on life began to change. and her awareness towards her own intentions behind her music. turning her creative journey into a life lesson.

Having travelled the world, Nancy G describes her music as African Gypsy Indie Rock. In 2013 Nancy Gs career began to align itself with social development and Nancy G began her journey to use her music to aid causes which aim to alleviate poverty and improve quality of life for all human beings. participating as a panelist and speaker for global initiative such as Ted X Soweto (soweto theater), as well as performing at Africa unmasked Gala dinner at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s King Edward Hall.

July 2013 NAncy Was invited to Reunion Island to perform at the annual artist festival and engage with the local community and workshop music with the youth. whilst recording US/SA charity project Ukes and Kids with ICRD Group (South Africa) / Mulatta records (New York). Project consisted of recording a 14 track album of songs written by children from Rural community in Venda. Truly a highlight in Nancy’s highlight in what she refers to as service.

After having been educated about some of the issues Africa’s people are dealing with Nancy felt at the heart of this solution the Creativity played a fundamental part in providing for the future generations, which saw Nancy G take time out from her music career to get in touch with the most Creative of Creators. Mother Earth!!

October 2013 Nancy G partnered with local farm Boys “Kanye Kanye ” to start a Co-op which supports 18 people from the farmers, laborers to chef waiters, musicians and artists. The Co-op is a restaurant/ arts venue named The Lighthouse on 7th, Situated in Melville on 7th Street. Nancy then made return to the music with a live performance on SA’s National radio station Metro FM, where she performed a cover of Michael Jacksons “Man in the Mirror”

Nancy G is currently hard at work recording her new single. when asked what the song was about she replied. “I believe in the truth of science and its simplicity I wrote this song about energy in this case LOVE, not being destroyed of created but transferred or transformed. and recognizing that the creators love blessed her with a song she will live to sing and remind humanity that love is the light in us.”

{Music} Lira’s New Single Hits The iTunes Store


A brand new single has just hit the iTunes stores today and we thought you should know about it right away. The South African multi-platinum Singer and former Tropics Magazine cover star, LIRA, has just released her new single and all her fans can purchase it online.

Rise Again – The Reworked Hits Collection is not a reflection of Lira’s best work over the last decade, which incidentally also coincides with her 10th Anniversary as a recorded artist – it also ensures that the music is grooving and is ever relevant for the next generation to fall in love with the superstar all over again.




524780_10151617308991125_1166217238_nOver the past few years – buoyed by multi-platinum sales of her two studio albums and live DVD, a mantlepiece full of awards and support of fans – Lira has made no secret of her desire to find a global audience for her music.

“I have big dreams,” Lira has frequently been quoted as saying – and it looks increasingly likely that this rare artist will see those begin to flourish in 2011, with the release of her fourth studio album (and third for Sony), RETURN TO LOVE.

RETURN TO LOVE is a masterful record that draws together everything that Lira has worked for since she first embarked on her music career – at first tentatively with her 2003 debut ALL MY LOVE and, from 2006 onwards, with mounting confidence in her singular abilities.

Lira’s triumph at the 2009 South African Music Awards, where she won ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Best Female Artist’ for the 2008 record, SOUL IN MIND, and subsequent multi-platinum sales of her second two records and her LIVE IN CONCERT – A CELEBRATION DVD (2009) were proof enough that her heady mixture of old school soul, spiced with enough contemporary twists, had exploded with serious intent amongst her South African audience.

But, one listen to RETURN TO LOVE, and it’s clear that over the course of her first trio of albums, Lira was only just beginning to reveal her musical gifts.

“I was very focused on defining the ‘Lira’ sound even more, with this album,” Lira says of the vision behind possibly the classiest – yet infinitely accessible – record to come out of South Africa in a long while. “I wanted to send this out into the greater musical world with a real solid, really refined sound that is unmistakably my own.”

In this quest, Lira, and producer, Robin Kohl, have succeeded handsomely. If comparisons are to be made, there’s a real feel of Sade’s earlier work, in Lira’s scorching, soul-filled vocals. And yet the subtle sense of her South African roots that flickers throughout the material, along with Lira’s unique vocal stylings mean there is nothing copycat about RETURN TO LOVE.

“It was always my feeling that I don’t want to be boxed into being a particular kind of artist,” Lira says with the quiet emphasis of someone who knows precisely what they desire. “On this album, too I didn’t want to be restrained in what sounds we included on the album so there is some funk, ragga, urban, traditional African sounds, and, of course, plenty of soul.”

At 11-tracks, the album finds its lyrical footing in all the things that Lira loves – from dancing to singing, being introspective, loving others, philosophising, and stirring people’s consciousness. “I love to dance. I love to love! I’m a romantic. But I also like to be contemplative,” she says.

Aside from this tribute to the things she adores, there’s another – perhaps more subtle – reason for the album’s title.

“My first album was titled ALL MY LOVE and it was an album that initially caused some heartache for me,” Lira says of the kwaito-pop offering that introduced her to South African music fans. “It was released at a time when I hadn’t yet found even the real beginnings of the sound and presence that I wanted to convey and was fumbling a little in the dark. But yet that album forms part of my history and so this new record is something of a statement about an acceptance of who I am – a return to me.”

Fittingly too, Lira’s given name is Lerato Molapo – Lerato meaning love in seSotho. It’s no surprise, then, that Lira sings, so full of joy, “Over the years I’ve gone through so many changes/But I’m ready to get back into my skin again” and, later, “Falling in love with who I am” on the uplifting and unabandoned album opener, ‘When I Dance’.

Soulful – Romantic – Playful – Contemplative: RETURN TO LOVE is all of these things and more. What’s perhaps most striking about the album is that, in the hands of Lira, none of these come across with even a hint of cliché.

Indeed, throughout the songs on RETURN TO LOVE, Lira’s lyric writing shows the kind of growth that only few artists can boast of. Whether she’s writing about the relentless tug of heartache on ‘Call Me’, or the plaintive plea for answers in a world that’s lost its way (“Money and greed cast a shadow on the sun/Yes, I see it burning up the skies”) on ‘Abba’ or the need for individuals to take charge of their live on ‘Get Into Action’, Lira’s words have a force that few can match.

In preparing for RETURN TO LOVE, Lira and her producer (and husband) Robin Kohl took a “songwriting sojourn” – their first ever.

The result is a set of songs that’s as diverse (stylistically and in language) as they are sparkling fresh. “The process of working together was something that we really focused on – and at least four new songs came out of that intense breakaway to just write,” Lira explains. One of the songs that emerged from this process was ‘Mali’ – a delightful and hugely infectious take on money that sees Lira directly ask “money” to bless her, her family, her community and humanity and spread amongst everyone. It is based around a Bossa and Mbaqanga musical mix and is an album highlight. Another written during this joint creative period was ‘Phakade’, a remarkable composition that’s as pure a song about finding a soulmate as you’re likely to hear – and has all the makings, in lines like “You are my joy/A beautiful gift”, of an evergreen wedding song.

For an artist known for her emotional-ballads and uplifting songs about personal journeying and fulfillment, RETURN TO LOVE also features a song that’s slightly more sombre. “I’m aware that, as a musician, you can’t fight the urge to write about how you are feeling – including the times that you are not at your best,” Lira says, revealing, yet again, her now trademark frankness in her comments about the track ‘Be My Friend’.

RETURN TO LOVE, more than any of Lira’s previous releases, captures the energy of Lira’s live shows. “There’s something about this band that only those who have seen us know and that is that we are a rocking live act,” Lira says. It’s for this reason that Lira’s band members, including bassist, Tshepo Sekele, pianist Victor Mngomezulu, drummer Joshua Zacheus, backing vocalist Brenda Mtambo and guitarist Grant Tregellas are among the musicians contributing to RETURN TO LOVE.

Says Lira, “Our live shows are a journey that we undertake on stage – that takes audiences through different emotions, as we travel through the songs and we wanted to capture that on record in a way that conveys real energy.”

Few who listen to RETURN TO LOVE would disagree with this approach –and, in the end, the album is a triumph; a perfect introduction to Lira for newcomers to her sound and nothing short of a deserved new step on the journey of an artist who really is extraordinary.



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