New Issue • TROPICS MAGAZINE Fifty Fifth (55th) Issue Debuts


Fifty Fifth (55th) Issue Debuts March 31, 2015.



JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – March 31, 2015 – Today, TROPICS MEDIA GROUP Chairwoman and CEO Vénicia Guinot announced the launch of TROPICS MAGAZINE ( Issue/Volume 55: ), the leading global fashion and lifestyle magazine for the multiracial community of readers worldwide. TROPICS MAGAZINE fills a void in the marketplace with its complete coverage of diverse news and celebrates the people who “Pave The Way Forward” for the next generations. Created for the utterly modern and highly discerning readers, the magazine prides itself in bringing togetherness among cultures since March 2010 by highlighting the brands, the products, the designers and, most importantly, the trailblazers making an impact in today’s world of fashion and lifestyle.

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The fifty fifth issue of TROPICS MAGAZINE marks the 5th-anniversary celebration of the publication. This edition can be ordered and printed on demand from April 1st, 2015 via email: . Additionally, TROPICS MAGAZINE still grants access to its worldwide audience to read and share this newly released issue which features incredibly talented people.

Published by the TROPICS MEDIA GROUP, the magazine expands its editorial focus beyond fashion and takes publishing to a whole new level. TROPICS MAGAZINE has a circulation of 2 million + online subscribers. Distribution of the magazine includes mailing to affluent men and women with a high income working mainly in Europe, United States of America, Africa and South Asia. TROPICS MAGAZINE is led by the TROPICS MEDIA GROUP Editorial Director Valerie Sosso Moukouelle who heads an all–‐star team of great minds, united by their passion for and expertise in the fashion and lifestyle industries. Karine Linord is the Editor of the francophone zone and she heads the France-based team including the French Caribbean region.

TROPICS Magazine is a god of transitions and thresholds. A fifth anniversary is a time of transition. Our magazine is beginning to shift from the position of a new, experimental bilingual (English and French) publication to a magazine that has begun to solidify a reputation as a global fashion and lifestyle publication for genuine multiracial readers who are so thirsty for more “tropical,” original and efficient coverage of subjects that matter the most to them. We hope we have and will continue to carve out a space for just this kind of headlines and inspiration,” said Vénicia Guinot, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Founder of TROPICS MAGAZINE.



Known as the mother company of TROPICS MAGAZINE and other titles, TROPICS MEDIA GROUP is a corporation focused on building brands, media relations, talent relations, special events and product integration.




Tel: +27 (0) 72 749 2347



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