Launched in May 2014, the “Tropics Support Albinism” campaign launched by TROPICS MAGAZINE in collaboration with ANIDA FRANCE has the purpose of educating the mass. Since then, two of several planned albinism media awareness campaigns using the new and old media platforms to help broadcast a positive message has helped boost the self-esteem of the numerous victims of albinism attacks in Africa and around the world.


“Too white to be black,” that is what the daily struggle for the albino community is on a daily basis. This April 2015, ANIDA FRANCE joins hands with TROPICS MAGAZINE, once again, in order to bring more light on albinism.

Meanwhile tens of thousand Southern and Eastern Africans living with albinism have faced discrimination and abuse all their lives. They are still regarded as “unnatural” and even “cursed”. Albinism is an inherited genetic disorder in which the body fails to produce enough melanin. Because of the lack of pigment, the affected person has very pale skin, white or sand-coloured hair, and light brown or even blue eyes.

Looking back at the positive response that the two previous #TropicsSupportAlbinism campaigns have gotten, TROPICS MAGAZINE is thrilled to reveal the new campaign in collaboration with ANIDA FRANCE. The message arbored on these new flyers is very simple and straightforward: “LA VIE, C’EST PAS TOUT BLANC OU TOUT NOIR,” which translates from French: “LIFE IS NOT ALL WHITE OR BLACK”.


We thank everyone for helping us spread the word about subjects that matter and will continue to inform and educate the mass.

TROPICS MAGAZINE   “Paving the Way Forward” 

ANIDA FRANCE    “Change The Way People React to Albinism,”

For more information, drop us a mail at  and to support ANIDA FRANCE, please visit:

Official website:





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