Tropics Magazine Issue 52 is out!

The first-ever edition of Tropics Magazine print version just hit the ground and we are pretty much excited to make a statement in two of the most spoken languages in the world: English & French.

Tropics Mag

Our issue 52 features Asian Model Grey Gomez on its English cover and its French issue displays the amazing work of Maryse Mbo-AKo, an outstanding Entrepreneur from Ivory Coast living in Atlanta, USA.


We look at how living a tropical life can be practical for your entire family plus we also inform our worldwide readers about the latest fashion events in the French Caribbean & the U.S. Do look out for our Albinism campaign in partnership with ANIDA (France) and spread the word.
Discovering India is what’s hot, so hurry up and learn all about it. Also, Verone Mankou, the father of the first African tablet shares his journey from humble beginnings.


Hope you will be inspired by all these people who have only goal than to “Pave the Way Forward!”


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