Top 10 African Innovative Countries

Co-published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and WIPO, the annual Global Innovation Index (GII) is a ranking of 142 countries according to their innovation capabilities. Check out the 10 African countries that ranked highest in the 2013 GII and why:

10. Swaziland (Score 29.6, ranked 104 out of 146 countries overall)

At number 10, Swaziland still managed to beat out all the African countries in the top 10 in categoreis such as: audiovisual and communications (76.0), knowledge impact (98.5) and expenditure on education (98.2), according to the 2013 Global Innovation Index.

9. Cape Verde (Score 29.7, ranked 103 overall)

Out of the top 10 African countries on the innovation index, Cape Verde ranked highest when it came to press freedom (84.1). It also ranked highest at gross tertiary outbound enrollement (97.1) and at general infrastructure (87.9).


8. Kenya (Score 30.3, ranked 99 overall)

Kenya beats out the others at market access for non-agricultural exports (97.1), at microfinance institutions’ gross loan portfolio (86.6) and ICTs and organizational models creation (73.3).


7. Senegal (Score 30.5, ranked 96 overall)

Senegal ranked highest in intangible assets (91.3), GERD financed by abroad (91.9) and communications, computer and information services imports (86.8).


6. Ghana (Score 30.6, ranked 94 overall)

Ghana beats out the other African countries in the top 10 with growth rate of GDP per person engaged (100.0), knowledge absorption (85.8) and foreign direct investment net inflows (87.9)


5. Morocco (Score 30.9, ranked 92 overall)

Morocco did best at gross capital formation (93.5), graduates in science and engineering (95.9) and national office resident trademark registrations (95.6).


4. Botswana (Score 31.1, ranked 91 overall)

Botswana does best of the top 10 at new business density (92.3), GDP per unit of energy use (93.5) and political stability/absence of violence/terrorism (87.9).


3. Uganda (Score 31.2, ranked 89 overall)

Uganda beats out the other top 10 for tertiary inbound mobility (72.4) and cost of redundancy dismissal (78.7).


2. South Africa (Score 37.6, ranked 58 overall)

South Africa ranked highest in market capitalization (99.0) and ease of getting credit (98.5) and royalties and license fees payments (96.0).


1. Mauritius (Score 38, ranked 53 overall)

Mauritius does best at number of feature films produced (98.0), trade and competition (96.4) and foreign direct investment net outflows (99.1).

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