The “Tropics Support Albinism” campaign by Tropics Magazine & ANIDA France continues

The “Tropics Support Albinism” campaign launched in May 2014 by TROPICS MAGAZINE in collaboration with ANIDA FRANCE has the purpose of educating the mass. Since then, the first of several planned albinism media awareness campaigns using the new and old media platforms to help broadcast a positive message has helped boost the self-esteem of the numerous victims of albinism attacks in Africa and around the world.


Albinism is a genetic deficiency of melanin pigment production. Production is rarely totally absent but perhaps 1-10% of normal. It is usually inherited as an autosomal recessive condition but some forms are X-linked. The Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) reference link shows the result of a search for ‘albinism’. A number of different chromosomes are involved, depending upon the type.


“In response to the many killings of albinos in Africa, I decided to launch an NGO years back to help eradicate the roots of the problem that was leading people to behave so badly against their brothers and sisters. We have come to understand that ignorance and lack of information were the main issues confronting the African people. We then decided to take action in this regards and that’s how ANIDA FRANCE was born. Since then, our work has revolved around changing the way people react to albinism and we are proud of our achievements,” said Adrienne NTANKEU, President & Founder.


With ANIDA FRANCE on its side, TROPICS MAGAZINE is determined to “Change the way the world reacts to albinism.”

“We are so pleased by the positive response that the first #TropicsSupportAlbinism campaign has gotten, so far, and we thank ANIDA FRANCE for making change happen. It’s time to break this cycle of discrimination  against Albinos. We thank everyone for their support and TROPICS MAGAZINE will continue to inform, educate and “Pave the Way Forward” for the next generations who need to “Change the Way they React to Albinism,” concluded Venicia Guinot, Editor-in-Chief of TROPICS MAGAZINE.


For more information, drop us a mail at or to support ANIDA FRANCE, please visit:

Official website:




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