Happy Birthday to a Legend: Bisila Bokoko

Since March 2010, Tropics Magazine has played a pivotal role in inspiring and encouraging its global readers to follow their dreams, to get inspiration from other successful public figures and to basically continue to strive upon success.

Bisila Bokoko by Victor Cucart Fotografo De Celebrities.
Bisila Bokoko by Victor Cucart Fotografo De Celebrities.

Today, June 26, marks the 40th birthday celebration of one Bisila Bokoko who is internationally known for her leadership and philanthropic background. In fact, Bisila Bokoko is the Founder and Chairperson of The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (BBALP), a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote literacy among the African people. Ms. Bokoko has focused her efforts on organizing people and resources to build modern libraries in Africa.

In addition to running a nonprofit organization, Bisila is the CEO of BBES, a business development consultancy from the ground up that represents, promotes and markets brands internationally; leverages influence with key global business leaders and market influencers to create pathways into new markets. Connects businesses with celebrity game changers to serve as spokespersons, industry experts, platform providers and partnership brokers.
She also works as a Spokesperson/International Brand Ambassador and Business Developer for companies where she helps to create pathways and opportunities. She actively participates in Empretec Women Programs at the UNCTAD in Geneva where she helps to foster entrepreneurship capabilities among women in Latin America and Africa.


Bisila is the Global Ambassador and strategist for Pikolinos and has contribute to promote the Massai Project, a line of shoes and bags designed in Kenya by over 1000 women from the Maasai Tribe. She also works as Ambassador for other fashion companies as Amparo Chorda, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, food companies as Carmencita leading company in spices and recently became the face of Foodie Channel TV. Also recently was named the Global Ambassador for the Liceo of Barcelona Opera House.


As the penultimate achievement to an exceptional career spanning almost 20 years, Ms. Bokoko has made it her goal, from the start, to change the lives of people she encounters in life, for the better, specially the children. Even today, she promises to empower, inform and inspire people to live their best lives by following their dreams and vision.

“It really amazes me that I got to be around a woman who changes people’s lives every day and who never mention how busy she is or how big she has become.

For me, Bisila Bokoko is less about titles, business and leadership, and more about extreme generosity of spirit. That is part of her humanitarian legacy.”

All in one, the “Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project’ (www.bbalp.org) missions make up the REAL Bisila, and this is the big memory that will remain engraved in children’s minds around the world.


I leave you with an interview she granted me with, last July, for Tropics Magazine’s readers and I hope it inspires you even more: Bisila Bokoko covers July issue 2013 of Tropics Magazine

On behalf of the entire team, we wish Ms. Bokoko a very Happy Birthday and may she continues to impact our lives positively.


Written by Venicia Guinot
Publisher& Editor-in-Chief, TROPICS MAGAZINE
Johannesburg, South Africa


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