Betty Makoni, Baroness Lawrence, Oprah Winfrey, Onyeka Onwenu, Dr Maya Angelou and Michelle Obama chosen to be honoured on Divas of colour 2014 London.

My Black woman presents the largest UK gathering of women of colour in celebration of talents, successes and contributions of the woman of colour. Also to search for the budding talents and raise fund and awareness with the chosen charity Glowing Future. (A charity that caters for women affected by Domestic violence).

This event has been designed to get every woman of colour in every corner of the world involved in various ways, believing  together, we can achieve much.  Women from Africa, Asia, Caribbean , USA and every part of the world have been involved in this huge event.

As part of My Black woman’s quest to making sure that women of colour take their place in global branding, we have staged this grand lavish event to celebrate the woman under one roof making sure they reach a wider audience and add value to what they do. This platform will help all participant and the entire womanhood to have the opportunity to express themselves how they want to. This initiative will go a long way to helping women empower themselves, network, find their feet and make the change we all crave.

The highlight of this great and lavish event are – recognition of honour, trade exhibition, fashion show, beauty contest , music performances, poetry and spoken word performances and seminar. Women have been asked to put a touch of purple to their outfits, costumes, designs and wears for the day to signify power, dignity and strength.

On the honour list, women have chosen the 5 most outstanding women of colour who we think have brought dignity and integrity for the us. They are  – Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama,  legendary singer Onyeka Onwenu , Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Oprah Winfrey and Zimbabwean Betty Makoni. These women do not need to be introduced. Their works speak for them. (Just google the names).

We are also contacting our ambassadors from every nation and urge women to appoint, recommend or refer any worthy woman to represent them in their region or country. Everyone has a stake in making the woman of colour proud.

Models are asked to get in contact to pick up a registration form to take part in the contest. The winner will go away with – £500 cash shopping spree  and a weekend stay in a five star hotel plus will be the Diva Model face of My Black woman 2014 and brands that will be announced.  Designers are also being called to register to showcase too in the competition and the winning designer would be named the Diva Designer – DD and will go away with £1000 cash.

We have invited producers, A&R, DJs, and music enthusiasts exposing them to a whole new audience a heavy platform for them to breakthrough into the mainstream.  We have provided over 50 stands for trade exhibitions too. Interested brands and businesses are also urged to come forward to reserve their place now as the spaces are fast moving.  Volunteers, make up artists, and anyone who wishes to get involved in anyway possible should give us a shout for details or simply visit the event page –

Media houses, bloggers, magazines and all are all invited too to be a part of this huge event and help make the woman of colour proud .

We are highly optimistic and look forward to a very brilliant and successful event in 2014.


For any media inquiries or material, please contact Gayle or Kereen



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