#Entertainment • Hannibal Season 2: 5 Reasons To Be Excited

When it was announced the legendary Hannibal Lecter was to be taken on by another actor and transported through our TV screens, there was a shrill silence of uncertainty.

How could anyone beat Anthony Hopkins in his unforgettable role? Just, how could they? Then, when it was revealed that it would take place before the events of Thomas Harris’s book ‘Red Dragon’ – that we would actually see Hannibal in action – there was a slight excitement but it was leveled with caution. After the terrible ‘Hannibal Rising’ – telling us too much and making Hannibal sympathetic – we were not too keen on the idea of the TV show doing this. And then we checked into Bryan Fuller’s vision, we watched Mads Mikkelsen in his three-piece suits, we were swept up in the dialogue and realized what fools we had been to ever doubt.

Yes, Bryan Fuller’s re-imagining of Thomas Harris’s world and his complex and smart story-lines was a triumph. The acting, the imagination, the cinematography all completed a near perfect picture that we had yet to see of Hannibal Lecter. The first season took us through a variety of different killers – Hannibal included – it twisted our knowledge from the films and books and left us at an ambiguous end. Hungry for more? I think so. At the end of season one, Will Graham – who had gotten too close to the mind-set of serial killers – was at breaking point. It didn’t help that Hannibal was slowly piecing together a plan to frame Will for a number of murders. And – just like Mads Mikkelsen’s take on the character – he does so perfectly.

Will Graham was standing on the other side of the bars at the end of season one which not only made for an interesting turn of events, it left us thinking “what next?” The information regarding season two has been scarce. Fuller is keeping the details of what happens in season two quite close to the chest and for that we get even more excited.

So, with the drips and drabs of information leaking towards us and our appetites increase, here’s a list of the five biggest things we’ve heard about season two and why, therefore, we’re even more excited.

Source: NBC


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