Kanye West reveals photo of baby North on Kris Jenner’s talk show

Viewers who tuned in to Kris Jenner’s talk show on Friday in hopes of finally seeing the first picture of the infamously-named baby North West were first forced to sit through almost an hour of Kanye West looking uncomfortable while girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s mom grilled him about life, love and properly strapping a baby into a car seat.


But first, the most important thing:

“How cute is that gorgeous baby!” Kris gushed, before declaring that her granddaughter North (nicknamed Nori) has Kim’s eyes, Kanye’s cheeks, and a combination of both of their lips.

As for the rest of the interview – coincidentally the season finale of the trial run of Jenner’s syndicated talk show – Kanye didn’t exactly break any news, but there were a few notable lessons learned about the media-shy rapper, who for the most part looked like he wanted to be anywhere else.


Kanye is “misunderstood.”

“Why here? Why now?” Kris asked thoughtfully at the beginning of the interview; fair question, given that Kanye isn’t a fan of these sit-downs. Although there was a fairly obvious answer, given that he is a person living in her house.

“As everyone knows, sometimes it’s difficult for me to deal with the press,” Kanye began, in the understatement of the century. He said that Kris’s talk show was “a place where I could express myself with love, with no agenda.” The studio audience really liked that, breaking into boisterous applause.

Kanye went on to explain that people don’t know that he’s a very shy person, which is an understandable mistake for them to make, what with all the headlines about physical scuffles with the paparazzi.

“I do think you’re misunderstood,” Kris agreed later in the hour, calling him an “amazing man and fantastic father,” adding that she enjoys his silly and goofy side. We would like to see that too, Kanye!


Kanye has a sense of humor – maybe.

“There were times I wanted to be with her so bad I thought about taking up sports!” Kanye joked, when discussing his pining for Kardashian, noted fan of athletes. Scripted line? Probably.

And in a cute/creepy fun fact, we learned that Kanye has taken to photo-shopping himself into the annual Kardashian Christmas card photos every year, and sends the results to Kim.


Kanye loves being an honorary Kardashian family member.

Well, that’s what he claimed, anyway. And that Kim is teaching him to be a better person. But we could hear the edge in his voice during this exchange, as Kris said she didn’t understand why people say that she and Kanye – who, along with Kim, shares her home – don’t get along. In fact, she said, they “love each other a whole bunch.”

Kris: I know, we live together, people! It’s so amazing, you read stories and you see things, and going back to don’t believe what you read.

Kanye: I see her every morning of my life.

Kris: Every day! We say good night, we say good morning, we see each other all day long. So it’s a lot of fun.

While Kanye’s expression looked like he wouldn’t call it “fun,” he did concede later that it was an “interesting” adjustment after living in his bachelor pad for so long.


Kanye has many thoughts on the paparazzi.

This is no surprise, but his most thoughtful tone during the interview came when he discussed his relationship with the pesky media, comparing it to being on an amazing vacation but having a fly buzz into your face every five minutes. “It’s hard to smile when you know that people are around you only to make money off of you,” he said, to wild applause and “good point!” nods from the audience, as he clarified why he looks so dour in candid photos. He also said he wakes up in a cold sweat imagining the paparazzi catching him not being able to properly put the baby in a car seat, so he’ll run outside at 3 a.m. to practice.


Kanye can still work Taylor Swift into any conversation.

“The only thing I want to do in life is help people!” Kanye protested, discussing his warped public image. “That’s what is so disturbing about being written up in society as being some type of enemy.”

“Even at my lowest points, the last thing I would want to happen to my daughter is some crazy drunk black guy in a leather shirt to come up and cut her off at an award show,” he said, referring to the now-four-year-old feud that began when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs.

“But you look at stuff like that so much differently today because you have a daughter,” Kris explained to him.

“Oh yeah, definitely, definitely…I was just, like, a crazy rock star,” Kanye agreed, looking like he was ramping up for a rant until Kris cut him off to ask if he was going to teach baby North to rap.


Kanye doesn’t mind being associated with the Kardashian “brand.”

While some may not understand why paparazzi-loathing Kanye attached himself to the one family who loves the paparazzi more than anything, he says that he loves Kim Kardashian so much, that it’s all worth it.

“I can have people saying ‘This is going to damage your credibility as an artist, or as a designer,’ and I say, ‘I don’t care, I love this woman,’ ” he told Kris.

He also manages to find a very Zen attitude about the whole thing.

“The example of me coming on this show – people feel that somehow me and my girlfriend’s mother are of different brands in a way,” Kanye said, putting it kindly. “And it’s not about anybody being at odds. It’s about us all helping each other and improving each other.”


Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZenRuLSVK9A


Source: Washington Post


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