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Nina Simone was one of the most extraordinary artists of the twentieth century; an icon of music who crossed the genres of jazz, blues and soul.  She was the consummate musical storyteller and passionate civil rights activist.

Melbourne-based and Brixton-born-and-raised jazz diva, the acclaimed Ruth Rogers- Wright all but embodies Ms Simone in “Nina Simone Black Diva Power”, by award-winning playwright Neil Cole, telling the story and exploring the music of Nina Simone from 1958 to 1965:  the period during which she went from popular jazz, blues andfolk singer to become “the voice of the civil rights movement” in the United States.

The story focuses on Nina Simone’s developing friendship with Lorraine Hansberry – playwright and black activist, who persuades Nina to become active in the civil rights movement.  Although initially reluctant, Nina Simone ascended to greatness with her activity and songs of the movement she would perform, many of which she wrote.

‘[A] pure and authentic interpretation on Nina Simone’s music…’ The Age review for Ruth Rogers-Wright’s ‘Fabulous Diva: The Music of Dr Nina Simone’


Nina Simone:  Ruth Rogers Wright
Lorraine Hansberry : Imat Akelo –Opio
Pianist: Steven Grant
Director: Alice Bishop



18-28 September
$35 per ticket (+ Transaction Fee)

Seating: General Admission – All performances taking place in The Chapel are subject to a lockout policy. Please make sure you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the performance start time.


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