Tropics Magazine with its exclusive Partner, Evergreen Media Inc. to Support Worldwide Entrepreneurs and Personalities.

Courtesy of Tropics Magazine.
Courtesy of Tropics Magazine.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Tropics Magazine (, first bi-lingual magazine from Africa with a cosmopolitan community, has teamed up with Evergreen Media Inc. (, an international media and entertainment corporation based in London-UK, to host Twitter series with world Entrepreneurs and international male/female personalities, etc.  Starting this August 24th, 2013, worldwide readers and followers can participate by tweeting their questions @TropicsMagazine using the hashtag #TropicsAndFriends during the scheduled time.

This weekly Twitter chat series or Twitter interviews will take place twice a month, and specifically on the 3rd and 4th Saturdays of each month. Sessions will be hosted from 2:30pm – 3:30pm (GMT+1). This is to provide the public with an opportunity to ask questions to our selected guests (male and female professionals from all walks of life), and connect directly with them online via their social media handles or official websites. The goal is to break geographic barriers, celebrate the diversity and just have a good time.

Joining the Discussion

To participate, the public should sign into their Twitter accounts and submit a question @TropicsMagazine for the special guest using the hashtag #TropicsAndFriends. The special guest will respond to as many tweets and questions as possible. Questions can also be submitted in advance tweeting @TropicsMagazine. Individuals who do not have account on Twitter can still follow the chats by visiting the magazine’s Facebook fan page:

People interested in supporting the idea by partnering with us can contact us via email directly.





Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Guest: Afua Sam / About: Multiple award winning and highly sought after Ghanaian fashion designer, AFUA SAM is the founder and brain behind STUDIO D’MAXSI, one of the fastest growing fashion houses based in the Washington, DC. Unique, innovative, and edgy AFUA SAM of STUDIO D’MAXSI, creates masterpieces for the chic and funky modern woman. Born to a family of six, remarkably self-taught Afua draws her creative inspiration from her late musician father and determination from her mother. She attributes her Ghanaian roots and rich culture as one of her many inspirations for the creation of her designs. Official website:

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Guest: Dunnie O. / About: In evolution every woman desires to become a woman of poise, quality and style while respecting the past that is deeply rooted in the principles of family and culture. Ms. Dunnie B. Onasanya (Miss Dunnie O.) a native of Gaithersburg, Maryland has achieved many feats regardless of the times and changes throughout her life. Coming up in the city of Washington DC politically influenced her to become the strong woman she is today. Being born to Nigerian Immigrants she was the first born of the union and was entrusted to the legacy and quality of her family name. As a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the historic Tuskegee University she obtained a dual degree in the areas of Business Administration and Sales/Marketing. She has entered the marketplace equipped with outstanding skills and knowledge in her field. After graduating from Tuskegee University she has relocated to Hollywood, California while striving to build her career in the entertainment industry as a Special Events Producer she is a dynamic creative force for building environments for quality interactions, interface and exchange. Official website:

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Guest: Sheree O’brien / About: Behind the glitz and glamour, the music industry is a tough industry to work in. What looks like a life of champagne and bright lights is straight-up hard work – if there’s one certainty it’s that behind every star there is a very hard-working manager.13 years of experience have made her a legend in the dance music scene. Ambitious, hardworking beauty accompanied by a super natural zest for success. At only 30yrs old, Sheree O’brien is a musical maestro who has since extended her amazing capabilities to all things entertainment. Website:


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