Maasai Elders Invoke Curse Over Missing Men

Maasai elders in Laikipia county have invoked the most feared curse in their community on those behind the disappearance of two people from Il Ngwesi area.

Source: he Star / National Geographic
Source: he Star / National Geographic

Kuyoni Korosian, 45, and Kuntai Karmushu, 32, disappeared without trace and while unleashing the curse elders pointed accusing fingers at rangers in one of the wildlife conservancies in the area.

Korosian is said to have disappeared two years ago while Karmushu disappeared on July 1 as he was preparing to board a vehicle in Timau town after selling a cow and a several goats.

The elders have presumed Karmushu dead after weeks of searching without success for him and decided to curse those behind the disappearance of the two men.

“Our people are getting lost under mysterious circumstances. We have searched in every corner. There has been a lot of grief before we concluded that we should invoke this curse,” said Mzee ole Karumba, 75, who led the ritual.

Scores of men from different age-groups attended the ceremony which was held at Ethi village in Mukogondo East ward, in Laikipia North sub county. Women are not allowed to attend this ritual which is very rarely conducted among the Masai.

It started with elders of above 60 years holding deliberations for several hours before administering the curse. The curse involved chanting before burial of some sticks, charcoal and leaves from a sacred tree in an ant hole.

To underline their anger, the elders did not begin and end their meeting with a prayer as is their tradition. “We are very angry because of this grief which has been brought on us by somebody,” Mzee ole Karumba said.

He said the perpetrator of the crime will either die or go mad. His children could also die or suffer from strange ailments, he added. Richard Karmushu, a relative of one of the missing men, said indications that his nephew, who was a father of three, was abducted by KWS rangers and bundled into a Land Rover in Timau on suspicions of being a poacher.

“We even have the registration number of the vehicle which he was driven away in,” he told journalists. The chairman of Il Ngwesi conservancy Maisula Kiyaa said the local community will stop collaborating with wildlife conservation agencies if they continue abducting their people.



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