Have you heard of Rice Bran oil benefits for heath?

You are aware of ground-nut oil, mustard, soya, sunflower, coconut, palm or safflower oil – but have you heard of Rice Bran Oil?

28cc2df620ed190ce583716504f7e005Also called ‘healthy oil’, rice bran oil is the oil extracted from oily layer in between the paddy husk and the white rice (polished rice). Enriched with nutrition, this edible oil provides immense benefits for the heart and general health.

In Japan, it is termed as the ‘heart Oil’, in USA it is being sold as the World’s Healthiest Oil and in Europe it has acquired the status of functional food. It is now accepted as a Premium Cooking Oil in Japan, Thailand and now in India, thanks to the leading nutritionists, cardiologists, dieticians recommending the use of rice bran oil to remain healthy.

Some of the benefits of rice bran oil are:

 Various research and studies have proved that Rice Bran oil can protect the consumer from the danger of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

 Human clinical studies conducted in the University of Lowell found that Rice Bran oil has significantly better cholesterol lowering properties compared to other popular Oil. Scientists have attributed this to presence of Oryzanol in Rice Bran oil.

 In another study conducted by National Institute of Nutrition, Indian Council of Medical Research, rice bran oil showed greater reduction in bad cholesterol in comparison to oils which have similar fatty acid profile. Scientific studies have proved the advantage of Oryzanol.

 During the initial studies, it was found that rice bran oil contained high levels of both tocopherols and tocotrienols, which comprises of vitamin E that acts as antioxidants in the body.

 Available for a much reasonable rate as compared to other healthy oils, rice bran oil contains no starch.

 Due to the presence of Oryzanol, it relieves menopausal women of hot flashes.

Notable for its high smoke point of 232 °C (450 °F) and its mild flavor, rice bran oil makes it suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as stir frying and deep frying.

Hence rice bran oil is fast becoming ‘the best choice’ for healthy cooking in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and now in India.


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