Breakfast is key to heart health

Missing the first meal of the day puts an ‘extra strain’ on the body, say US researchers who studied the importance of breakfast.

28cc2df620ed190ce583716504f7e005The research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that people should eat breakfast to keep their hearts in good condition.

The research published in the journal Circulation studied 27,000 men, and showed that those skipping breakfast were at a greater risk of heart problems.

The men, aged 45-82, were studied for 16 years. During that time there were more than 1,500 heart attacks or cases of fatal heart failure.

People who skipped breakfast were 27% more likely to have heart problems than those who did not. Other factors such as smoking and exercise were also taken into account.

“The take-home message is eat in the morning when you wake up, preferably within an hour. The results show that something is better than nothing, but it’s always better to have something healthy and balanced,” lead researcher Dr Leah Cahill was quoted as saying by BBC.


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