Hollywood Actor to Star as Mandela

Ghanaians should be proud of ourselves right now because one of our very own, Idris Elba (mother- Idrissa Akuna Elba from Ghana), plays Mandela in the Mandela biopic: ‘A long Walk to Freedom’.


The Hollywood actor, also of Sierra Leonean heritage, happens to be having such a great year. The multi-national actor, known for his work in’ Luther’ and ‘the Wire’ was not long ago battling alien monsters in Pacific Rim, a fantasy film.

The star is reported to have made such an impact in his films in a short time that producers of the Mandela biopic just could not resist but have him play the freedom fighter, Mandela.

The biopic is about the South African Leader and his struggles as anti Apartheid campaigner and ANC leader in South Africa. It shows how the strong willed leader spent 27 years in prison. The film chronicles his childhood in a rural village to his victory as the President of South Africa.

This biopic however comes at a sad time as the real Mandela struggles with his health issues. Mandela has been in a Pretoria Hospital for the past five weeks. This is however not the first time the 95 year old has been confined to a hospital bed this year.

Reports say Elba seem to be extremely thrilled and uniquely into character on set. The enthralled Actor said “it was an absolute honour for me. I can’t wait for people to watch the film and judge themselves. But it is an important story and an important film”.

The Luther actor stars opposite Naomie Harris. The in-production film was inspired by Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. The autobiography has never been made into a film after 17 years.

When asked if this was the right time for the Mandela movie. The producers of the movie remarked that this was certainly the right time to produce such a movie on Mandela and especially in the light of his health crisis.

The teaser released on the web a couple of days ago, opens with Elba as the freedom fighter walking through open countryside and surrounded by running and laughing children


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