Happy Birthday SuperModel Dji Dieng, Tropics Magazine’s Deputy Fashion Editor

Copyright Chili Palmers.
Copyright Chili Palmers.

Today, Tropics Magazine‘s Deputy Fashion Editor, SuperModel Dji Dieng celebrates her birthday in style somewhere in the world and we, at Tropics Magazine, are joining voices to wish her a super birth-day!

With that in mind, we reflect on her best contributions at Tropics Magazine, including all best runway moments and all partnership deals she made happen since she joined the  Team!

SuperModel Dji Dieng, who was appointed Tropics Magazine‘s Deputy Fashion Editor in September 2011, is the only supermodel bestowed with the Award for Humanity’, the Leading Ladies Award’ and the ‘United Nations Organization Volunteer Award’, and who is considered as one of the most beautiful black Supermodel of the world.

With her astonishing elegance and electrifying Aura the fashion experts elected her as the most elegant and powerful colored women of the world and all have been amazed by the model with the longest legs of all top models with an out seam of 125 cm.

Dji performs from New York to Paris, from Milan to Copenhagen, London to Vienna, from Cape Town to Berlin, in Asia and at all the other fashion spots around the planet for the most reputed haute-couturiers and designers as: Hermès, Christian Dior, Carven, Roberto Cavalli, Diane von Furstenberg, Vivienne Westwood, Mercedes Benz Fashionweek, Maurizio Galante, Torrente, DIESEL, Trash-Couture, Eymeric François, NOKIA Fashion Week, Romeo Gigli, The Blondes, Rocco Barroco, Agent Provocateur, Triumph and many others.

Copyright Chili Palmers.
Copyright Chili Palmers.

At Tropics Magazine, SuperModel Dji Dieng is responsible for the fashion editorials (mode, fashion shows, cosmetics, background stories, inside news, etc.).

This is what she had to share with us, back in 2011, after her appointment as Tropics Magazine’s deputy Fashion Editor was made public:

I am very honored to be part of the editorial team of Tropics Magazine. My experiences as top model will provide the Tropics Magazine readers not only with the latest news about fashion but also inside information of fashion and modeling generally, as well as about social missions in favor of our humanity

Today, we are even more proud to have her in our team and honored to wish Supermodel Dji Dieng a very Happy Birthday on this special day. Let’s toast again to her latest achievements!


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