{Dieting} Healthy Fish Tips

Fatter and bigger seafood for fish recipes such as salmon, grouper, shark, and tuna are ideal for grilling. Lightly oil the grill and just toss on the fish; it will develop a fine crust and beautiful color once it starts to cook well. If you are cooking fillet, it helps to wrap heavy duty foil on the grill, and grill on that to avoid overheating and overcooking. 


Baking is popular and easy way to cook fish. Just follow the instructions on your favourite fish recipes.
If you prefer to fry your fish, use a deep batter and 375 degrees heat to gently cook the fish for about 5 minutes per side.
Steaming is a good alternative to other fish cooking methods if you are looking to lose some weight. You may want to invest in a good steamer. Simply place stock water in a large pan and add the seasoning ingredients of your choice. Once the liquid has reached a simmer, put the fish in the steamer over the water. Do not cook the fish in a steamer if the water is already boiling as this will result in overcooked fish in just seconds.
You can also use roasted fish recipes if you bake at temperatures higher than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Roasting is an excellent technique to bring out the flavor of fish, also resulting in sugar caramelizing on the surface for some delicious flavor. You can also season the fish as you please before you roast them.


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