{Plus Size} Kendra C. Johnson, the independent woman

For many fans, Kendra C. Johnson is best known for her starring role in the independent featurePhat Girlz, in which she starred alongside Mo’Nique – and her recurring role on the hit television series The Game. From stage, to television and the silver screen, Kendra has been humbled by the blessings of her entertainment career for more than 10 years. 

ob_355b81_dcbadbe042757f6a7b0f6906650f1974-jpgOne of the most recent additions to Kendra’s career portfolio allows her the opportunity to engage readers monthly as the Empowerment Editor for PLUS Model Magazine – the premiere virtual magazine celebrating the plus size industry. As is Kendra’s intention with all her endeavors, her monthly article Dreaming BIG with Kendra C. Johnson will strive to inspire, educate, provoke dialogue and promote empowerment.
Kendra C. Johnson is much more than a talented actress and spokesmodel for curvy women. From community activism to nationwide involvement, she is an ambassador for womanhood and personal development for women and girls.

A passionate advocate for Breast Cancer research and awareness, in late 2012 Kendra proudly completed her first producing project, R&B artist Aaron DePonce’s So Beautiful – a music video starring and celebrating the lives of Breast Cancer Survivors.

With her fiery spirit, passion for her work and incredible drive toward her goals Kendra is definitely making her mark – on her own terms.


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