{Culture} Kenya: Auma Obama’s Book and Movie Launched

Auma Obama is famous as the sister of the America President Baraka Obama. Ever since the American became president she has become a person of interest to many internationally. Thursday evening saw Auma launch the English version of her life And Then Life Happens: A Memoir at Goethe Institute. The book had initially been written in German.


Also at the event was a launch of a movie The Education of Auma Obama produced and directed by Nigerian born Branwen Okpako. The movie is a feature documentary on the life and times of Auma Obama told from her homestead in Kenya during the run up to the 2008 US Presidential elections that brought her brother Barack Obama to power.

The event which was well-attended was moderated by Goethe Institut’s Eliphas Nyamogo and attended by many personalities including UNDP Somalia’s Martin Winkler and consultant Teresa Kamara.


Article by: David Ndolo


One thought on “{Culture} Kenya: Auma Obama’s Book and Movie Launched

  1. I am inspired by Auma Obama’s memoir that was published at the Sunday Times newspaper in South Africa , and its a good idea to produce a documentary about her life.nice stuff.

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