Tropics Magazine (May / Mai 2013)

Ingo Dotsey Photography| fotoFRICA.Com

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Editor’s Note

This May, we are celebrating African Day with all our worldwide friends: old and new readers. Africa Day, which will be observed on May 25, 2013, is the commemoration of that momentous occasion when 30 independent states decided, back in 1963, to take the destiny of their continent in their own hands.

On one hand, Africa has accomplished a lot as one nation, one community, and one people. We have recently been named one of the fastest growing economies, but is this our ultimate goal? You tell me…

Yes, the establishment of the OAU 49 years ago was noble, but we can only take stock of whether it was worth it by how far we have come since. On the other hand, the results have not been impressive and I often feel that we need to push each other further in order to achieve more in our respective communities. Hunger, poverty and disease still stalk the continent but are these all we stand for? Please enlighten me. But on the other, Africa has become a fast-awakening giant with vast unexploited natural resources, a huge middle-class, and a great potential in various areas. We should be very proud of our potential, stand out for what we believe in and start making an imprint for the next generations.

In this light, we at Tropics Magazine engage ourselves in an ‘African Day Campaign’ and we have decided to take this celebration to the next level, this year, by recruiting and welcoming Ambassadors around the world and we can only wish their messages will be heard, shared across social media and put into action.

Although the continent is still food insecure, we have all the power to change things in very significant ways, if only we can unite to quadruple our yields… Here inviting you to join us on Facebook/Twitter this month and start tweeting about our campaign by making the hash tag #TropicsAfricaDay a trend. Remember, ‘Everyone has something good to say about Africa!’

Pave the way forward.

Vénicia Guinot

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief



Ingo Dotsey Photography| fotoFRICA.Com



~Credits~ Model: -Viola TebahPhotography: Ingo Dotsey-PhotographyCreative Design: Vénicia Guinot l Media PersonalityCourtesy of Tropics Magazine.

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