{Beauty} Long-lasting Wedding Make-up

A wedding is not complete without pictures. Expect tons of photos to be taken to ensure that the bride and groom’s makeup is not only impeccable, but also photogenic. For the lips of the bride most evident in the pictures, top lipstick with gloss. Sparkly makeup looks beautiful in person, but also avoid the use of bright dust that will show up as ugly white spots on the photographs. Remember, bright makeup is also a no-no makeup for mature women. It just finished emphasizing wrinkles. Do not forget to apply blush a touch of color on the cheeks always look good in photographs.

Long wedding makeup

wedding celebrations can last all day to make sure that the makeup does not disappear or fade before the wedding ceremony ends. The manual application of makeup is a necessity if we are to achieve long-lasting makeup. Makeup primers are known to absorb oil that allows the composition of fresh appearance all day. Laying the foundation with a powder-coated finish helps the membership stay all day. loose powder with mineral oil absorption work best on the establishment of the composition. To make lipstick last longer, apply a thin layer of dust on the lips before applying lipstick. Carefully dry the first coat of lipstick then applying a second coat of lipstick. Do this until the desired color lipstick is achieved.

Waterproof makeup wedding

Sweat and tears are always under weddings. A tearful girlfriend is not an unusual sight in wedding ceremonies to ensure that the composition to be used in the bride is resistant to water as waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Make sure the eyeliner is a test of the spots as well. We do not want the bride is ugly raccoon eyes in your very special day.



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