Plus Size ~ Philomena Kwao

Philomena Kwao is a gorgeous a 22 year old economics graduate of Ghanaian heritage. She is currently doing an MSc in International Health Management and she is Britain’s first black plus size model!


Philomena surpassed thousands of hopefuls in a nationwide competition by curvy clothing label Evans in collaboration with Models 1 and She was one of the 5 finalists in the competition and is now signed to Models 1‘s new division Models 1+ representing curvier women.


She is such an inspiration. Juggling univeristy with a modelling career as well as promoting a healthy message about shape and beauty.

When I was younger (late primary school years and early teens), I struggled with my weight. At first I wasn’t too fussed about my weight. I accepted that I was chubby, but others took it as me being fat. This made me uncomfortable and frustrated. I had mixed emotions and didn’t know how to deal with it. One day I literally woke up, decided I needed to change, altered my diet, changed my daily routines and lost weight. Although those days are past and gone, I wish I had a role model like Philomena to look up to back then. Her journey would have (and has) inspired me to be more accepting of myself and my body.

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I want to show them that you can really do it all if you try; that is to pursue your dreams, whatever they maybe and get an education. Your education doesn’t have to suffer! I also want to help spread the message that there is beauty in everything: every shape, colour, size, and height … whatever. We are all beautiful.

– Philomena Kwao


How can you not be inspired by that statement?

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