Vivica A. Fox is Single and Working on a New Show

vivica*Vivica A. Fox is single! But men, before you hurry to give her your resume, she’s not in a hurry.

“I’m gonna wait for Mr. Right to come along and take my time. I’m just enjoying just having a little me time, you know? But it’s not that I’m not taking applications,” said Vivica, whose engagement to Omar “Slimm” White ended last year.

In the meantime, dating is fun and best in person. And Internet dating is not an option.

“I think people lie on the Internet. I would prefer to meet someone in person, and I need to have chemistry when we meet and spend a little time, and have a couple of dates,” she said. But she’s happy being single for now.

While she’s having fun being single, Vivica is the new host of “Prank My Mom.”

“They catch these moms, and their reactions are so raw and so real,” she said, describing the series. “There’s a lot of bleeping; they turn into mama bear.”

It looks like it’s going to be a fun show.


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