Rocsi Diaz Named New ‘Entertainment Tonight’ Co-Host

Move over Mario Lopez, there’s a new hard-hitting Latino journalist on the entertainment scene. Former BET host Rocsi Diaz just signed a new contract with Entertainment Tonight, to work as a co-anchor for the show’s weekend edition.


Rocsi, who was born in Honduras, is no stranger to entertainment news. In fact, she became a hot story over the summer when she dated (then broke up with) Eddie Murphy.

Now Diaz will be broadcast on TV screens every Saturday and Sunday, breaking chisme stories and sitting in on celebrity interviews. And as she recently told reporters, getting this gig was the thrill of a lifetime.

“I am thrilled to join the outstanding team at Entertainment Tonight,” Rocsi said. “I have a passion for so many elements of the entertainment industry: celebrities, fashion, music, and to cover these areas for the best in entertainment journalism is an honor.”

Look for Rocsi’s big ET debut this month.


One thought on “Rocsi Diaz Named New ‘Entertainment Tonight’ Co-Host

  1. I loved watching ET until Rocsi Diaz appeared on the scene! She needs to learn how to pronounce english words properly…. I can’t reach for the remote quick enough when I hear her!!!

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