Make Your Blue Eyes Sparkle

Take some tips from a professional and make those stunning blue eyes sparkle even more brightly with rose and peach blush.


Blue eyes are stunning, with or without makeup, but the right blush can make them really stand out. The key is in your skin tone. Nicole Pearl, founder of the and a prolific  freelance beauty writer, explains, “Choosing blush is less about your eye color and more about your skin tone. That said, peaches and roses are always flattering on fair skin types and women with blue eyes. Benefit has a pretty peach blush, and practically every brand makes a rose blush.”

Pearl makes a very important point about skin color: Blue-eyed women tend to have fair skin — not olive or other dark skin tones — so a dark blush looks out of place and detracts from your stunning eye color. Instead, try a lighter pinkish rose, like Covergirl’s Cheekers in Rose Silk, and don’t over-apply. Let your natural blue-eyed beauty shine through!


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